Connecting to the WMU CS Login Servers Using PuTTY

EDIT: For CS3500 Students run :


and extract them into your current directory with:

tar xvzf Shell_Exercises.tar.gz

While Windows does not have built in SSH functionality, there is a piece of software we recommend that brings SSH to Windows. PuTTY (available at is simple to use, and allows you to use your computer science account from your Windows computer when on a campus network or connected to the VPN.

When you start it, PuTTY will look like the following image.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 12.49.19

To connect to the login servers, fill out the “Host Name” box with “” where “username” is replaced with your BroncoNet ID. Ensure that the port is set to 22, and that the connection type is set to “SSH.” Once all this information is entered, click on “Open” to start a session. You will be prompted for your password, and when you type it, nothing will appear on the screen . Once you have finished typing your password, hit the Return key, and if everything went well, you will be logged into a shell as your user.

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