Creating your own WIKI

These days its hard to find someone who have not used or know about Wikipedia, the vast storehouse of online knowledge.  Wikipedia is a website whose users can add, modify or delete its content via browser.  This means that thousands of people, both experts and amateurs contribute to creation of contents on wikipedia.

But if you have only heard wiki in context of wikipedia, then you are missing out. There are thousands of wikis on the internet, some of the specialized. For example there is a Star Wars wiki. In fact, there are so many wikis that there is a wiki that just contains the list of other wikis! The truth is that wikis have become a way of collaboration among users.  So if you ever wanted to collaborate on a certain topic with a group of friends or fellow students, you can easily create a wiki.

There are dozen options that lets you create personal wikis. The most famous and widely used is MediaWiki that is developed by Wikimedia Foundation and is also being used by wikipedia.

In this guide, we are going to show how you can create and host your own wiki on CS servers with MediaWiki.

Step One:

In order to install WordPress, you need a database. To create this database, please send a mail to with the title Wiki database request. Please include your name, and your broncoID in your mail.
Once the mail is processed you should receive an email containing the database information that we will need later on during the installation process.

Step Two:

ssh into your account and change into www directory:

  1. ssh
  2. cd www

Step Three:

Download and extract MediaWiki package. 

  1. wget
  2. tar -xvzf mediawiki-*.tar.gz

Step Four:

Once extracted, there would be a mediawiki directory in your www directory. You might want to change the name of directory to something that you want your wiki to be called. We like to call it wiki so we change it to wiki:

mv mediawiki wiki

Step Five:

Go to your browser and type the following address in the address bar:

Change the word wiki in the address bar to whatever you have named your mediawiki folder.

Step Six:

Click on Please set up the wiki first link.

Step Seven:

In the next page you have to choose a language for your wiki. Choose whichever language you are comfortable with and click Continue button.

Step Eight:

Read the information and click Continue button. In the next page you will have to supply database information. Choose MySQL for Database Type: option.Leave the Database table prefix option empty. Fill in other fields with information that was provided to you upon completion of step one. So fill in the form from the email you received and click Continue.

Step Nine:

Use the default options for database settings and click Continue.

Step Ten:

Provide a name for wiki, and an administrative username password for your wiki.

Step Eleven:

The last page provides you the configuration options for the wiki. Review it and if all were correct, click Continue. After a few minutes, the installation should be complete.

Note: If due to whatever reason, you were not satisfied with configuration options, you can always click on Restart Installation link that appears on the last page of installation.


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