CS Department Support System

The Computer Science Department System Administrators are proud to announce a new Support Ticketing system. We are using an open-source solution called osTicket. We are very excited about the opportunity we have to use this tool to improve our level of service to our students, faculty and staff.

If you need anything from us just put in a ticket at


Read on for instructions about using the system.

Opening a New Ticket:

To put in a ticket, simply go to the support page (support.cs.wmich.edu) in your web browser. You will see a page that looks like this:


Click on the “Open a New Ticket” button and the following screen will come up:


First, pick a Help Topic from the drop-down list at the top of the form:


Next, fill out the rest of the form. Please use your wmich.edu email address and be as specific as you can with the details about your problem. You can attach any files you think might be helpful (screenshots, for example). Finally, click the ‘Create Ticket’ button at the bottom of the form.



Read on to learn about what happens once you put in your ticket . . .