CS Department Support System

Once you put in your Support Ticket, you will get an email confirmation that your issue has been forwarded to the CS Department System Administrators. The email will look something like this.

Screenshot 2014-02-18 09.20.14

You can click on the link that says ‘view this ticket’s progress online’ to see how your issue is progressing.

You can also log in to the Support Center to check your ticket(s). Just go to support.cs.wmich.edu and click on ‘Check Ticket Status’. That will bring up the login screen shown below.



Log in with the email address you used to set up the original ticket and the ticket number from your confirmation email. Then you will see your tickets and be able to track the progress we are making and give us feedback as well.


Once your issue has been resolved you will get an email indicating that your ticket has been closed. This email will also contain a message from the System Administrators that will give you any information you may need about the solution.

To re-open a ticket just log in to the system and post a reply indicating what problem(s) you are still having.