Host-Only Networking in VirtualBox

This guide is to teach a user how to enable host-only networking on virtual box.

1. Open your virtual box preferences.


2.  Select the “Network” tab once you are in the preferences menu. Once you have done this Select “Host-only Networks”. The white box will be empty. To fill it as seen below all you have to do is click the green plus sign on the right side of the menu. If done correctly it should look exactly as below. Click ok to continue.


3.  Select your virtual machine (In my case this was an Ubuntu VM, this does not matter and will work on any virtual machine). Once it is highlighted click “Settings” and tab over to the “Network” menu.  All that is left is to select “Host-only Adapter” next to “Attached to:” in this menu. Once that is complete it should automatically select the host-only adapter we just created. If done correctly it should look exactly like below. Click ok to continue.


Congratulations! You just created a host-only network for your virtual machine.  If done correctly it should be unable to access the internet at this time.

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