Installing OSTicket

If you ever had a project where it was necessary to have a support system for the project, so that you could record all user inquiries and provide help, then a having a ticketing system is a must. OSTicket is a widely-used open source support ticket system. In this guide we will show how to install OSTicket in your home directory and host it on CS servers.

Step One:

In order to install OSTicket, you need a database. To create this database, please send a mail to with the title OSTicket database request. Please include your name, and your broncoID in your mail.
Once the mail is processed you should receive an email containing the database information that we will need later on during the installation process.

Step Two:

Download OSTicket package from their website

Step Three:

Transfer downloaded package to www folder located in your CS account’s home directory. Please use the transfer guide on how to transfer files.

After transferring the file ssh into your account and change into www directory:

  1. ssh
  2. cd www

Step Four:

Extract downloaded package.


Step Five:

After extraction, there will be two folders named upload and scripts. The upload folder contains all the configuration files. upload will be the name which you will use to reach our OSTicket system, and if you want, you can change it to some other name.

Step Six:

Go to your browser and type the following address in the address bar:

You should change the word upload to whatever name you had renamed the folder.

Step Seven:

Browser will load the first page, where OSTicket will make sure the server meets the minimum requirements. At the of the page click Continue button.

Step Eight:

In second page, OSTicket will provide you information on how to copy the configuration file. SSH into upload folder located under www in your CS account’s home directory. Run the following command/

cp include/ost-sampleconfig.php include/ost-config.php

Click continue on webpage.

Step Nine:

In next page, you will need to provide information configuring OSTicket. Fill in Helpdesk Name and Default Email. This information will be used by OSTicket whenever it will send out a ticket.
In section two, you have to provide details of OSTicket admin user. This user will be the primary account which will configure/control the OSTicket. Please remember that you have to provide a different email address for Admin user, otherwise OSTicket will not continue installation.
The third part contains database information. This data will be emailed to user, as mentioned in Step One.
After filling information click Continue.

Step Ten:

That’t it! If you have followed all the steps, OSTicket should be installed. Read the information on the last page, and if further configurations were required, please follow them as instructed by OSTicket.

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