Sublime Text, Putty, and You

This tutorial will teach you how to set up Sublime Text with SSH tunneling into our CS login servers through Putty. Which will allow you to edit your files from the login servers in Sublime Text in Windows.

What you need:

  1. Sublime Text 3
  2. Putty

Configuring Sublime Text:

First we shall take care of updating Sublime Text 3 and installing the required Rmate packages.

1.  Open Sublime Text and hit “ctrl + `”. This will bring up a terminal menu in Sublime (See below). Copy and paste the Python code here into the terminal and hit enter.


2.  Hit “ctrl + shift + p” to bring up the package manager as seen below. Search for Install Package and select it.


3. Once in that menu search for “rsub” (As seen below) and hit enter. Once it is installed Sublime is ready.


Next we have the Putty configuration.

1. Open up Putty and enter “” as seen below.


2. On the left side under “Connection” is the “SSH” tab, select it and select the “Tunnels” menu. The port we use is the default for rmate (52698) for Source Port and “Localhost:52698″ for Destination Port. Make sure that the “Remote” radio button is selected. Then click “add”. Once it is added it will appear in “Forwarded Ports:” like below. Finally click open and enter your bronco credentials to login to the server.


3. Below is an example of rmate and Sublime in action. By opening a file with “rmate <file>” while Sublime is open on Windows you will be able to edit and save it from within Sublime.



Congratulations, you are now able to edit your files on the login server from Sublime text editor. Note: In order to disconnect from the server you must close Sublime first.

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