Things You Might Want To Do

We are advising you to make some changes to your account that will allow you to:

  • Use your account as a remote git repository
  • Use scp to transfer files between computers
  • Send commands as arguments when invoking ssh

The File You Have

In order to provide a better user experience while still maintaining compatibility with the central authentication at WMU, we used a custom configuration for tcsh that invokes bash. This file is in your home directory, called ‘.cshrc’. Its contents should be the following:

if ( -f /bin/bash) then
    setenv SHELL /bin/bash
    exec /bin/bash --login

However, this doesn’t determine whether or not a user has a prompt available. This results in an inability to complete some non-interactive operations, such as scp and git interactions, using this configuration. If you have been having problems with these sorts of operations, this is likely the culprit.

The File You Might Want

If you would like to use your account to, for example, host a git repository, you should replace your current .cshrc with the following:

if ($?prompt) then
    setenv SHELL /bin/bash
    exec $SHELL

With this change, you ought to be able to complete any operations that were hanging priorly.

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